With an endless “investigation” being conducted about a Russian connection at taxpayer’s expense, it seemed fun to “investigate” hunting options in Russia.  Yes, this is fake news, but it’s fun to write.

Ironically, Russia has terrific hunting although the country is so large that you will need a booking agent to find the best areas.  The symbol of Russia is a bear and there’s no better place to hunt the big brown bears of the world.

All kidding aside, if you are interested in hunting in Russia, check out www.prooutfitters.ru.  You will be amazed at the pictures you will see which are used to make the mural in the YouTube video.  You can e-mail them at info@prooutfitters.ru.

I’m at the Safari Club International Convention in Reno Nevada and this is just one of hundreds of displays by outfitters from around the world.  Whether you are interested in hunting Russia or the next state in the USA, here’s the place to find it. www.showsci.org