Turducken — a dish made from stuffing deboned chicken into deboned duck and then into deboned turkey — is commonly carved during family holiday celebrations. But researchers recently snagged a turducken of a different sort. GrindTV reports:

Researchers at the University of Delaware set out recently in the hope of recapturing tagged sand tiger sharks. They enticed a large female but it was the bizarre manner by which they captured the predator that left them shaking their heads in disbelief.

After casting a small fish called a menhaden, a small shark called a dogfish was quick to snatch the bait, only to be swallowed by the much larger sand tiger shark. ‘The dogfish was about 3 feet long and completely swallowed by the sand tiger shark,’ states a post on the university’s ORB Lab Facebook page.

The researchers had captured a shark within a shark, which prompted Aaron Martens to comment: ‘There’s gotta be some kind of ‘turducken’ label for this kind of situation.’

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Photo: University of Delaware