Storing a handgun for self protection is nearly as important as owning one… maybe more so.  As additional states allow concealed carry, keeping that important protection article requires a mixture of safety and convenience.  Keeping it locked in a standard gun cabinet is very secure, yet unavailable in an emergency.  Placing the firearm in a drawer makes it very accessible, yet un-secured to children or other unauthorized users.

RAPiD- Best of Both Worlds

Hornady offers a series of storage options that make a firearm very secure, yet available with the sweep of a hand or the touch of a few buttons.  Taylor Purdue offers an extensive review of this critical storage element on the Sporting Classics website:

I first saw Hornady’s RAPiD Safes at the 2017 Dallas Safari Club convention. The line of gun safes and accessories are built around a touch-free entry system with numerous access methods, and my brief encounter with the line left a good impression on me. Seeing a solution to my carry gun digging into my side while working at a desk, it wasn’t long before I ordered one myself.

The RAPiD Safe comes in two sizes: the 2600KP, the large option, and the 2700KP, the XL. I opted for the 2700KP, as I carry everything from a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard in .380 to a Glock 17 depending on the season. It fit my S&W Shield beautifully, and with plenty of padding to sandwich the gun when the lid’s closed, the pistol was in the same position I left it in when I reached for it later. No rattling around, no sliding back and forth.