Hunter Safety System vests fit women well and look great.
Hunter Safety System vests fit women well and look great.

Gravity doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re male or female, wearing a quality safety harness is a must when hunting in elevated stands.

Up until now, most vests and harnesses were made for men, and they didn’t fit women well. That has all changed. These new vests are not only life-saving gear, but they look great as well. Here are the details.


“Hunter Safety System answered the call for safe and innovative products with its new-for-2014 Ladies Contour Vest-and-Harness System because it understands women are the fastest-growing segment of hunters,” said Olmsted. “As someone who scampers up trees on a regular basis, Senior Editor Karen Mehall-Phillips field-tested it and immediately began blogging to tout its features.

“Designed to fit a woman’s form, the vest has three black Right-Fit stretch panels that trim bulk regardless of clothing layers to offer a contoured fit,” Olmsted continued. “HSS eliminated a bust strap in favor of a zippered-vest design—the ‘safety’ zipper releases if pressured in any direction—unlike a standard zipper. And in the event of a fall, it will not hinder a woman’s neckline. Patented adjustment features keep the vest snug and comfortable while allowing hunters to remain mobile on stand. At 2.5 pounds, it feels like a lightweight shirt. HSS even included stylish teal-colored accent lines in front of the black panels to create the image of ‘curves’—nice touch, but even that was no afterthought as HSS actually surveyed female hunters on color preference.

“The vest sports a sliding, metal adjustment bar between fabric layers for adjusting the internal straps before adjusting and securing the leg straps. A Suspension Relief/Deer Drag strap features a shock-absorbing tether sewn using “break-away” stitches to cushion the impact of a sudden stop in case of a fall. Users adjust the strap to fit and keep it handy in one of two lined pockets. In the event of a fall, users simply step into it to maintain circulation.

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