Even Vice President Joe Biden agrees that a shotgun makes a great home protection firearm. But where do you store long guns like shotguns and ARs so that they’re secured from children yet easily obtainable in an emergency? Here’s the answer: a slender gun safe that stores in a closet, holds several long guns, can’t be pried open with tools, and opens with the print of your finger and yours alone. Check this out:

TacVaultMore and more people are now relying on AR rifles and tactical shotguns for home defense. Because long guns are less concealable than handguns, there has been a growing need for a tactical storage solution large enough to house them. GunVault has answered the need with the TacVault – a secure storage safe that fits discreetly inside most standard sized closets.

The TacVault is capable of holding any tactical shotgun or AR platform rifle. It has a convenient shelf for storing spare magazines, ammunition, knives or a flashlight. It is predrilled to secure to the floor and features a high-strength lock mechanism that performs reliably, time after time.

Built of tamper-proof 14-gauge steel body (12 gauge steel door) with precise fittings, the TacVault is virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. It is available with GunVault’s patented No-Eyes® keypad or biometric fingerprint scanner for easy access. Foolproof security is ensured with a backup override key and optional high-strength security cable. An audio and LED low battery indicator protect against direct tampering and unexpected power loss.