Tree stands are effective for whitetail deer, yet climbing into it is one of the most dangerous things a hunter can do. Ladder stands are the safest model to hunt from but putting that ladder in a tree can be dangerous. Thankfully, the folks at Primal Treestands make them easy to attach and super sturdy.

Ladder stands are the safest way to wait out a big buck.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of ladder stands and “abuse” my 30-year-old nephew to set them. Brian grew up on an apple farm and takes to trees like a squirrel. By teaming up, I can brace the bottom of the stand as he climbs the ladder to attach the seat. However, what if you are alone or don’t want to reveal your special spot to another person?

Primal Jaws and Ratchets

Primal stands are some of the best for several reasons.  First, you can attach the top of the stand to a tree without leaving the ground. That’s a huge safety improvement.  dditionally, after you attach the stand using the jaws mechanism, you can lock in the ladder so that it won’t creek and shimmy as you climb. Since these stands are 16 or 17 feet high, you’ll be well above a deer’s sight line and up where wind currents are more favorable.

Check out this video and you’ll see how safe these stands go up without sacrificing hunter effectiveness.