Safe gun storage must be a priority for every home, whether apartment, bungalow, split level or rural cabin. If you own firearms, you are responsible that friends and family can’t access them in an unsafe manner.

Gun safes are an excellent means of protection against, theft, fire, and unauthorized access, however, such comprehensive models are often expensive and almost always difficult to install. Many weigh more than 1,000 pounds which creates a nightmare on stairs, hardwood floors, and a host of other situations, not to mention immobility.

The Gun Cabinet Option

A gun cabinet can be safely locked with a secret combination.

If you can’t afford or install a traditional gun safe, consider one or more smaller gun cabinets that are sturdy, lock via combination or key, and store discretely a corner, in a closet, or other out-of-the-way location. The SecureIt Agile Model 52 Gun Cabinet is a premium, heavy-duty firearm storage system. The Model 52 can do everything a traditional gun safe can do without being overly heavy and difficult to move. With SecureIt’s patent-pending KnockDown™Technology, the Model 52 is delivered disassembled for easy transportation and can be assembled in minutes. All assembly is internal, therefore inaccessible when locked. The Agile Model 52 also comes standard with SecureIt’s CradleGrid Technology for organized and adaptable storage.

Cabinet in a Box

The pieces of the cabinet are easily handled one at a time.

My SecurIt Agile Model 52 arrived via UPS in a flat box. “This package is pretty heavy,” said the delivery person. “How about I roll it down to your garage.”
Security and weight are easily related, and I wasn’t surprised to learn that the package weighed 130 pounds. Once the box was in my possession, I planned to move it piece-by-piece and that’s exactly what happened.
I was curious about the assembly process and invited a friend to help. I learned that it could be assembled by one individual but quickly saw that a partner in the process was a good idea. The directions were clear, and the assembly involved four sides, a top, and a bottom.

Inside Assembly

Long guns are secured top and bottom.

The sides, top, and bottom are made from heavy gauge steel and lock together from the inside. Like a turtle closing its shell, there are no bolts or screws that can be accessed from the outside.
Simple tools can be used during assembly, yet a ratchet wrench makes the process much quicker. I installed the internal locking bars upside down, so it pays to assemble the sides first, and then tighten each bolt securely.
The combination lock is easy to use, and the unit comes with a back-up key that works in a hidden compartment. I was baffled about it’s location, until I re-read the directions and laughed at my inability to solve the mystery.

Secure Storage

Guns are securely locked with Velcro strips.

The Model 52 stores up to six long guns and does so in a very secure manner. I had a hidden gun case built in my home, yet the rifles and shotgun can act like dominoes. If one tilts left or right, it clanks against the others as I cringe in agony. That won’t happen in this cabinet, because you can Velcro each gun it its place.
Attachment straps are adjustable for height so that you can tailor each long gun to its proper security setting. The base of the cabinet has six molded openings that keep the butt plate in place. With the Velcro strap on the barrel and the stock set in place, there is no chance of one gun falling into another.
Additionally, the Model 52 comes with a variety of storage shelves that can create custom storage. If you want to store three rifles in the unit, there is abundant room for accessories or other gear. Personally, my wife stores much of her jewelry and household papers in our gun safe, so that I welcomed the chance for added, secure storage.

Be Safe… Store Safely
You may be the country’s safest gun user, yet you can still be liable if you don’t secure your firearms. Your children and their friends will be curious about your guns and it only takes one access to create a problem or a tragedy. This storage cabinet is mobile and discrete. Most who see it won’t know what it is, and that’s a good thing. For complete details visit