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Posted by Hunting on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Every Day Carry Knives in the field

For many people a knife is as essential of an everyday carry items as their cell phone and wallet.  These types of knives are called Every Day Carry or EDC knives.   The kind of knife that your grandfather used to carry in his pocket was always handy and that part has not changed. Designs, size, and opening mechanisms have changed. The majority of these knives have clips that allow them to be carried in any pocket or pack for easy access. Some are assisted opening for fast access to the blade. They are mainly thin profiled medium sized knives with blades ranging from 2-4 inches in length. These features are also a benefit for the hunter as well.

A knife is a part of their daily tool kit for life

Here is where EDC knives and hunting merge.  Most hunting knives are fixed blade and are excellent tools for the job but have a primary purpose of field dressing game.  Hunting knives are primarily drop point and clip point knives.  The shape of the blade on these knives make them very well suited for their task.  You can also look at EDC knives with those blade styles to accomplish similar tasks with the dual benefit of everyday use when you are not in the field.  This dual purpose use should be something to consider when purchasing a premium knife, and can help put your mind at ease when considering knives that cost $100-$200 or more.

Examples of Every Day Carry Knives

A great example an Every Day Carry knife that can be used as a hunting knife is the Griptilian family of knives by Benchmade. This is a widely popular premium EDC knife that comes with a drop point blade (551-1) option at 3.45 inches in length and has great steel. The G10 Griptilian (551-1) with ultra-premium CMP-20CV blade steel has superior edge retention is an excellent option for those who want a super knife to carry in the field and every day.   Another excellent option is Benchmade’s new Boost, this knife with AXIS Assist opening and dual textured handle is quick opening and excels in wet situations like field dressing. Their new Freek with AXIS lock and drop point, a deep belly blade emulates a skinning knife and can be used the same way.  The Crooked River in Benchmade’s HUNT series is an everyday carry knife that excels at hunting tasks .  It has a traditional profile with modern technology and style.  This takes the best of everyday carry blending it with a hunting knife to fit into your pocket for easy access anytime.

EDC knives are essentially tools that can to be used multiple situations. Since the blade shapes determine the function you have the option of choosing one that will work well in hunting applications as well as daily life. Keep this in mind when looking at your next knife and for more details on the examples given above go to


I know from personal experience how handy carrying knives in your pocket can be.  I have worked for 3 major knife brands as factory sales manager over the last 10 years. As part of my professional responsibility I started to carry each of these knives daily. Once I started the value was almost immediate-Carlton Schumacher