Firearm and hunting manufacturers meet annually in Las Vegas at a convention called The Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show or SHOT.  You must be a member of the press or hold a Federal Firearms License to attend and nearly 60,000 excited shooting and hunting fans embrace the event as a time to announce new products. Quality foreign firearms are also included such as these handcrafted works of art from Perazzi.

Guns Galore

Many of the innovations on display are tactical.  Once they were a small portion of the show, but now represent a substantial presence as AR-style firearms become mainstream.  Police and first-responders often have a buying presence as they look at the newest products to keep them safe and ahead of the bad guys.

International as Well

Foreign countries both exhibit and purchase at the Show.  As you walk the isles, you will see products from Germany, Italy, and the Far East.  Often these rifles and shotguns are handcrafted, many with intricate engraving and inlays of gold.  As you might expect, such craftsmanship demands a hefty price and the four shotguns shown above are a good example.  The set of four includes one shotgun in 12-gauge, 20-gauge, 28-gauge and .410.  Have some fun and take a guess about the asking price:

SHOT Show 2018 Quiz: Guess the Price on this Set of 4 Perazzi Shotguns