Children learn what we teach them and what greater lesson than to impart the knowledge of a sport they can embrace for the rest of their lives?  Although adults must help youngsters with basic hunting, shooting, and safety skills, the motivation begins long before they pick up a rifle or bow.

Bring Them Along

Most children enjoy the same hobbies and pastimes of their parents so make sure that you include your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews in all types of pre-hunting activities.  They can help post game cameras and will be exuberant about seeing pictures of game animals.  Name a camera after them so they have ownership in its images.  You can talk about the camera as if its an “invisible helper” searching for deer.

Enjoy the Harvest

“Eat what you kill,” is a basic ethic of hunting and youngsters can be part of the protein benefit.  Make sure the dish is tasty, yet what youngster (or adult) can resist venison tacos, spaghetti, or chili?  These kid-friendly meals can involve the youngsters whether they pour in the beans, or help stir the sauce.  Expand upon the nutrition of the venison which is lower in fat than chicken or turkey and nearly as low in fat as fish.  It’s also organic and locally sourced, important issues.

Gun safety
Knowing how to safely shoot and handle firearms is an essential skill for people to learn.  By teaching your children to hunt, you’ll be teaching them skills that will teach them to respect guns, not fear them.
Gaining confidence
Learning about wild game their patterns and habits (natural science), taking that knowledge applying it, adding shooting skills and patience, all the things that must come together to get that first buck.  That amount of empowerment and accomplishment is not easily duplicated.  Teaching life skills about preparation, hard work and determination.

Six Benefits of Teaching Children to Hunt