National S’mores day is August 10th and here’s a quick and easy way to celebrate even if you’ve never used a campfire before.  Zip, a fire-starting product company since 1936 has created a campfire packet that you can safely carry in your backpack, perhaps your jacket pocket if its roomy enough.  The concept is simple- no wood to gather, no charcoal to light with smelly fluid, and no need for a huge fire ring.

S’morezy Roasting Log

Graham crackers, a toasted marshmallow, and Hershey chocolate make the best snack.

Zip sells a line of fire starting products that are small, light, compact, and neat.  They have taken this concept to the next level by creating a new product that maintains each of these characteristics specifically suited for S’mores, yet I’m sure it will work for hot dogs or other snacks that can be safely placed over a flame on a stick.

Here’s How it Works

S’morezy come in a compact package about the size of a submarine sandwich so that it packs and carries easily.  Once you have a suitable fire location such as a campground fire ring or elevated fire receptacle, place the log in the center, un-tuck the ends of the package and light.  Allow the log to burn for 15 minutes and you are ready to cook S’mores for the next hour or so.  This log is made from wax and wood so it’s very food friendly.

S’Morezy Roasting Log.
just light the wrapper, and you can begin cooking in 15 minutes!

S’mores Indoors

S’morezy creates a real fire so that ventilation is necessary as you would with any indoor flame.  However, gone is the need for the search for dry wood or purchasing heavy timber at ridiculous prices from commercial outlets.  If you have a functional fireplace or wood stove, you can make this universally tasty snack with little to no preparation.  Think how cool your next party will be with guests making their own treats over this gentle fire.

Great Grilled Desert

S’mores are often an after-dinner treat.  If you are camping at a state park or other facility that offers post grills or fire pits, the coals may be too cool for s’mores when you are ready. Roasting marshmallows in the dark adds a special flavor and enjoyment to the process so its much more fun to save “the best for last.”  A S’morezy roasting log is the perfect solution since you can light the fire in the protection of the grill, depending on the model.  In any event, you’ll have an hour’s worth of flame so that the kids can take turns and everyone can have the time need to make this ultimate campfire snack.  YUM!