Patience can be a deer hunter’s greatest ally, yet not always.  Where visibility it good such as the Midwest and Great Plains, a spot and stalk strategy may work best.  Spotting game is critical and you’ll need good binoculars and perhaps a spotting scope.  10×42 binoculars provide more magnification, yet I much prefer 8×42 optics which have a longer focal length and show more land and game without refocusing.

Stalking is equally important, but don’t expect to sneak within 50 yards of your deer.  The hunter in this video used the Savage 110 and Hornady ammo in 6.5 Creedmoor to maximize accuracy at longer distance.  Additionally, the Swager bi-pod allowed for the rock-solid rest needed for accuracy at a distance.

Spot and Stalk hunting creates adventure and eliminates the need to sit motionless for long periods.  You’ll need to dress for movement and carry insulation in your pack.  This way, if you need to wait out a bedded buck, you can pop on an insulated vest or jacket and maintain your body temperature.

Spot and Stalk

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Posted by Hunting on Wednesday, 7 November 2018