Wild turkeys have the keenest senses among any game animal and can be especially difficult to hunt on days when the wind lays still and every step in the woods sounds like an elephant walking on corn flakes. Such times take special precautions and Ernie Calandrelli, Quaker Boy Pro Staff member, lays out his special tactics. Here’s a sample with more by link:

Most turkey hunters prefer to hunt on days when there’s no wind, no rain and no noise. But any day you wear your Mossy Oak camouflage, it will keep you from being seen. But those are also the days when turkeys seem to be able to hear you scratch your head. More than likely, when you’re trying to call turkeys, you’ll have to move at some point. So, the first thing I do is clear the sticks and leaves away from my spot where I’m set-up. One of the best ways to do this without spooking a turkey is to use the same scratching technique turkey hens use when looking for acorns or fresh green sprouts. Use a cadence of scratch, scratch, pause and scratch. This way, you sound like a hen turkey that has flown down early and is looking for food. When you begin to call, you can sound like that same hen that’s been scratching in the leaves.