Spring gobbler hunting is truly heart pounding excitement. Add a bow and arrow to the mix and the thrill meter goes into the red. Taking any spring tom is difficult, yet having to draw a bow without being seen makes the challenge that much greater. Phillip Vanderpool is known as one of America’s best whitetail deer hunters, yet he’s also taken 31 gobblers with stick and string and lays out a great post of advice. Here are a few of his recommendations:

Reduce the weight of your bow so that you easily can draw the bow and hold it for 2 or 3 minutes. After you’ve reduced the weight, re-sight the bow in so you know where your arrow will hit at different distances. Many times, you’ll have to hold that bow at full draw to wait for a turkey to step into a spot where you can shoot him, because very rarely will you be able to draw and shoot
SD Spring Turkey 2012 129immediately.

I also sit in the shade so that the turkey is less likely to see me. Set up with plenty of cover behind you if you’re not hunting from a blind. The background cover will help hide you when you draw to shoot, and you won’t be silhouetted.

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