Chances are you still have frozen venison in your freezer from last year’s deer or elk success.  Unfortunately, the longer that meat remains in the freezer the more it’s flavor deteriorates so why not make a batch of jerky to enjoy while the venison is still in top form?  The folks at Hi Mountain seasoning offer a complete line of jerky seasoning and the process can be done without special equipment.

Making jerky is a great family or hunt club project.  You can pool your venison and make a variety of seasonings.  Not immediately eating the fruits of your labor will be the only problem you will face.  It stores well so that you can save it for special events or ration it over coming months.  In addition, by emptying your freezer, you will be raring to go come opening day.

Hi Mountain Seasoning

Spring is a great time to go through the freezer to clear out older harvests and turn them into some great, healthy snacks like jerky or sausage. Whether you have an abundance of ducks or geese, fish or game meat, Hi Mountain Seasonings has a jerky & seasoning kit to turn that aging meat into healthy, mouthwatering treats. Don’t let any of your harvests go to waste; simply turn them into jerky or sausage for easy to grab-and-go summer snacks.

Each Hi Mountain Seasonings sausage kit, jerky cure & seasoning kit and snackin’ stick kit comes with everything you need: seasonings, cure and casings. All can readily be made in the convenience of an oven, smoker or dehydrator.  With 21 different Jerky Cure & Seasoning Kits, 14 Snackin’ Stick kits and 12 Sausage Making kits, finding a Hi Mountain Seasoning kit won’t be a problem, but narrowing down the selection.   Hi Mountain’s entire line of products, cooking tips, instructional videos, and recipes are also available at Hi Mountain products also can be found at high-end sporting-goods stores, farm-and-ranch stores and many local grocery stores.