Trail cameras have stepped up to 4K quality and the difference is amazing.  This short elk clip was shot in 4K resolution and the image is incredibly crisp and sharp.  I just received the Stealth Cam DS4K for an African safari and can’t wait to get it set up.  By placing the camera near water in the dry season, I will get hundreds of shots.

Video & Stills

Antlers are growing fast. Get your cameras out there.

Many hunters labor over choosing between video and still images. The stills allow for magnification and show antler size exceedingly well. Video includes motion and reveals the movement of the animal: where it came from, where it went, and sounds from the surroundings. The new Stealth Cam camera offers a “combo” setting in which it will do both.  In addition, you can adjust the length of the video clips from the standard “10-second” up to 3 full minutes.

Stealth Cam Features

The new Stealth Cam DS4K has four times the resolution of their previous HD cameras — a quantum leap in quality.  Additionally, the camera will take images at 30 MP, a setting higher than many professional cameras.  Here’s a brief benefit summary:

  • 4K Ultra HD Video
  • 30 MP Ultra Hi-Res Performance
  • Dual Image Sensors
  • Range Control – Adjustable PIR
  • Security Mode (re-write SD memory)
  • Reflex Trigger  < 0.4 seconds
  • 42 NO GLO IR Emitters
  • Intuitive backlit menu programming
  • Matrix Advanced Blur Reduction
  • Retina Low Light sensitivity
  • 16:9 Wide Image Ratio
  • Quick Set pre-programmed option. 

Start Scouting Now

As I watched this video, I did a double-take on the date stamp.  Holy cow!  You mean an elk’s antlers are this big already?  Antler development varies across the country depending upon the deer family species, yet in mid-summer antler growth is well underway.  If there’s a giant buck in your area, its antlers won’t be completely grown, but the potential will be clearly visible.

In another month this same elk will have lost its velvet and be bugling.  For now, enjoy this cool footage and the sounds of elk country.