Trail cameras have revolutionized hunting by providing remote eyes in critical areas.  Elk and deer hunters use them routinely.  Additionally, motion sensor cameras can be used to capture unique scenes in nature, events that are rarely seen by hunters. In this case, golden eagles feast on a wolf.

Wolf Kill

Logs were put on the wolf carcass so a bear would not steal it.

“When we arrived the entrance trail was covered in wolf tracks,” two hunters told me as I set up elk camp.  “Luckily we got one and the carcass is just down the road.”  Seizing upon the opportunity, I set up a Stealth Cam near the kill and it wasn’t long until three eagles attempted to feed on the carcass.  As you will see, an immature bird was quickly chased by an adult pair.

Stealth Cam

The resolution of Stealth Cam video is TV quality as you will see.  Each camera comes with three settings that will include stills or video.  I used the “custom” setting and established a 20-second video interspersed with three stills. For more information, visit