A bi-pod is an excellent piece of gear for long range shooting or simply creating a rest in a target or hunting situation. Most can be used in the prone or sitting position and the two stiff legs provide a solid rest for an accurate shot. All is well, unless the target moves, or you spot a bigger buck up the hill. The “solid static nature” of the bi-pod is its strength and its weakness. If you are forced to re-sight on moving game or changing conditions, doing so requires a lot of time and movement which spells trouble. Swagger has the solution.

Swagger allows flexibility while shooting prone, sitting, or standing.

The Swagger Flex-

I had the chance to see the Swagger Bi-Pod in action on a recent turkey hunt in South Dakota and was immediately impressed. I hunted with a crossbow and unfortunately, the models in camp didn’t fit my bow type. However, they did fit shotguns and rifles. Normally, turkey hunters don’t use bipods because they lock a hunter into a static position, however, with the Swagger, you can swing or move the shotgun to target an incoming bird and be assured you won’t shoot over its head.

Crazy Legs Technology provides support and flexibility.

How it Works

Instead of having two telescoping posts that support a firearm barrel, as with standard bi-pods, the Swagger flexes in a variety of positions. What sets Swagger All-Terrain Bipods apart is their exclusive Crazy Legs Technology, which allows the legs to flex and move as a hunter adjusts to stay on target. Crazy Legs Technology also means the legs can be hyper-extended to adapt to any shooting position, including prone, kneeling or standing. Swagger didn’t want to add additional items to carry, so their All-Terrain Bipods attach solidly to guns and crossbows and go completely unnoticed until they’re needed to help make a shot. At the moment of truth, the legs can be deployed quickly and silently to provide their revolutionary solid but moveable support. www.swaggerbipods.com