Winchester introduces the .17 Super Magnum

Hornady shook up the rimfire world with the introduction of the Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR), an excellent small game and varmint round for moderate ranges. Now, Winchester has really pushed the envelope with the hottest rimfire on the planet: the new Winchester Super Magnum with velocities of 3,000 fps, comparable to the speed of some 7mm Rem Magnum loads. Tipped with a choice of three bullets in 20 or 25 grains, this speed round is nearly impervious to wind and distance, yet delivers lethal energy to varmints and predators.

The .17 Win Super Mag will initially be offered in three bullet types: a 20-grain plastic tip in the Varmint HV® (High Velocity) line, 25-grain plastic tip in the Varmint HE® (High Energy) line and a 20-grain jacketed hollow point in the Super-X® line. Each .17 Win Super Mag bullet will far surpass the long-range wind drift and bullet-drop limitations of popular rimfire calibers like .22 Win Mag and .17 HMR, while depositing more than 150 percent more energy than both. 


At a time when ammunition costs are escalating, the new .17 rimfire can economically deliver plenty of downrange fun for plinking or small game harvest. The speed and flat trajectory makes it a groundhog nightmare and with virtually no recoil, it’s an ideal cartridge for younger shooters. Get a closer look at this new product.