Most Americans support our men and women of the armed forces. So here’s an interesting way to raise money, provide camaraderie, and support military charities. As one might expect, the folks at Remington, along with some good-hearted Texans, have taken giant steps toward this cause, specifically the Special Forces Charitable Trust. This organization isn’t as well known as others, so here’s the full story.


The Remington Great Americans Shoot (RGAS15) “The Most Money Ever Raised with Guns,” returns to Rosharon, TX September 26th benefitting the Special Forces Charitable Trust and other military non profits. It’s not about guns or even about the shooting competition: it’s about real people raising money, all of which goes directly to organizations that directly serve our nation’s Special Ops community.

RGAS14 broke all known charitable shoot records, netting $1.2 million, a milestone organizers aim to shatter this year. RGAS15 is hosted by the Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT), which provides meaningful and sustainable support for the Special Operations Community and their Families.

The founder and Chair of the Remington Great Americans Shoot is Texan entrepreneur and philanthropist Mike Reynolds. “The original idea was to find a way to allow normal citizens the opportunity to sit with some of these truly amazing men and women and say more than just a thank you. It’s a chance for us to put our arms around someone who has been to battle for this country, whose family has given so much, and say how much we appreciate the security you bring to my family’s life.”

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