The number of places to hunt in the United States is endless. From coast to coast, our country provides a variety of hunting destinations to satisfy any outdoorsman. But you aren’t looking for any old destination; you want the best of the best, where the scenery is ample and the bucks and other wildlife is abundant. A spot where the stories will be told long after you’ve left and the days are counted and pennies saved until a return trip can be attained. For hunters, these places are sacred ground and may even be mistaken for heaven.

#1. Northeast Wisconsin

The trophy whitetail deer capitol of the country, the area surrounding Green Bay is legendary for its hunting. This is one of the last heavily populated areas in the lower 48 and is a true wilderness that any outdoorsman dreams about. This is not to say that amenities are hard to come by as this area boosts an abundance of bed and breakfasts, cabins, and bars.

Nicolet National Forest: the perfect fall hunting destination
Nicolet National Forest: the perfect fall hunting destination

In addition to the deer, hunters can find grouse, geese, small game, and even bears throughout the region. Summer months aren’t wasted either, as the fishing is also a feature, with Lake Michigan and a variety of lakes or streams dotting the landscape. Specifically, the 661,000 acre Nicolet National Forrest is a treasure among hunters throughout the U.S.

#2 South Central Iowa

Though known for the wealth of whitetail deer, including some of the biggest in the country, south central Iowa is secretly a four season hunting destination. Waterfowl, turkey hunting, and plenty of fishing are also available in this region, which provides opportunities most months of the year. Though not heavily populated, towns like Centerville can provide lodging and supplies from friendly residents always quick to share tips and the best locations for whatever hunting you are looking for.

#3 Northwest Montana

To add mountain scenery to your hunting trip, head west of the Rocky Mountains to the Lolo and Kootenai National Forests. Multiple targets are plentiful in the area, including elk, whitetail, ruffled grouse, and turkeys. The old western town of Thompson Falls is your best bet for lodging and provides a glimpse into the past. Though more secluded than some of the others on this list, the quiet and slower pace found in this region provides the perfect relaxing hunting trip.

#4 Northeast Georgia

If a variety of hunting opportunities is what you’re after, it’s tough to beat the Chattahoochee National Forest. The most accessible and civilized portion is the southeast corner, near Toccoa, in the northeast part of Georgia. Whether deer, bear, turkey, squirrel, rabbit, or wild hog is the hunt of the day, this area will provide an experience not soon forgotten. The lakes and rivers of this area are also stocked full of trout, so add some water time into the trip.

Take aim at the waterfowl of Southern Louisiana
Take aim at the waterfowl of Southern Louisiana

#5 Southern Louisiana

With 14 percent of the country’s wetlands found in this region near the mouth of the Mississippi river, this is the center of waterfowl hunting in the United States. In addition, this is an underrated region for other hunting endeavors, with deer and turkey being the most popular. Many small towns scattered throughout the region provide plenty of lodging opportunities and interaction with the unique but friendly local population.

Hunting is extremely popular in the U.S., mostly because of the numerous quality locations available. What makes the best location for you is based on your preferred animal to hunt and the level of adventure desired. Whatever your penchant, it is more than likely available here in the United States.

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