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The Hunting Page
The Hunting Page

The Hunting Page, LLC, announced today that it has acquired a leading predator hunting website, and will be combining efforts under the Hunting Page banner and social media channels.

When A Coyote comes into range
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The Predator Page was launched in November of 2016, as a collaborative effort between some of the leading product manufacturers in the hunting industry.   The website & Facebook page grew quickly, with content created by a small team of avid predator hunters.  As a community of predator hunters, the social media footprint and website grew quickly, presenting authentic content in the predator hunting lane.

Today, the Predator Page is excited to be joining with The Hunting Page, LLC to feature custom predator content under the banner of is one of the leading content sites on the web, providing daily stories on all things Hunting.  The new entity, rebranded, will allow us to focus on generating and collecting the best hunting content.

Drop us a message via FB Messenger if you want to provide content for us for 2021!


The Predator Page Team


The Predator Page
Our logo identity – launched November 2016
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Drew Kelly is the founder and Publisher of The Hunting Page, LLC. The editorial focus of the site is on all things hunting, with a product focus, and an community platform supported by social media. We started ‘The Hunting Page’ on Facebook in 2009, and we’ve grown to be one of the most popular hunting sites on the web and in social media, with 1.7 million other hunters across the U.S.