We told you we would let you know when it was the RUT was in full swing and it’s official as of 11-16 2020, the Hunting page is declaring RUT ON! The “hunter’s rut” is officially in full swing over 98 % of the whitetail world, our “rut meter” is reading “red” ready to go “off the chart”.

Our expert deer watchers are burning up the phone lines with “rut on” reports. The older aged bucks are on their feet and no doe is escaping un-harassed. The younger bucks  are giving the big boys plenty of room and the buck you have been waiting for is out there working the does during daylight. Mature Bucks that have been primarily nocturnal are showing up during daylight hours in all the usual (and unusual places). If you don’t believe us, ask our local body repair man, his phone rang off the hook last weekend. The fawns have been separated from momma and are running around as if “lost”, the food plots are ‘danger zones’ for any doe who smells remotely of estrus. The does who visit their usual feeding spots are on edge and leave in a hurry, 2-3 hr. feeding sprees are a thing of the past. The woods will be chaotic until the bulk of the breeding has been completed in the next week or so.

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Jason Ashe
Jason Ashe is an avid whitetail deer enthusiast and avid hunter from the finger lakes region of New York. A full time social media specialist in the outdoor industry and habitat specialist with Mid-Lakes Whitetails, Jason has been featured in such publications as Quality Whitetails numorouse times and been paired with hunting greats in Outdoor Life for his knowledge and passion for hunting mature deer. Turkeys, Coyotes also top the list of game that Jason pursues in any down time he has from whitetails. He consideres himself lucky to have whitetails and hunting be a part of everyday life. His wife Laura also shares in his passions along with their 2 children.