Laser rangefinders were a major innovation in the hunting world, especially for archers who no longer had to guess the distance to a particular spot. Rifle hunters also benefited from readings that provided greatly enhanced accuracy and extended effective range. Today, ranging technology has grown enough that devices compensate for differences in elevation and a host of other features. Here’s a quick look at several with innovative ranging additions:

th[10]The Halo Xtanium P1000X Rangefinder offers a scan mode so that you can hold down a button and pan the unit to range various objects. If a deer approaches, keep it centered and the unit will give continual readings. The Ballistic Series comes in 600, 900, and 1000 models, the latter with a glass lens, and a techie titanium metal look for bow hunting or golf. Angle compensation is included, along with 8x magnification and target acquisition out to 1,000 yards.

Leupold and Redfield are partner companies, with each offering new rangefinders for 2013. Redfield introduces the very compact 600 and the 600 A, which comes with angle compensation. The A model is only $10 more than the straight-line model, and well worth the extra money. Leupold presents the new RX 800 TBR (true ballistic range), which includes angle compensation and ballistic compensation based on the trajectory of the arrow with accuracy to within one tenth of a yard. Additionally, the RX 800 TBR has a73-72-1100x500[1] trophy scale you can set in the rangefinder. If you want a buck with a rack at least 20 inches wide, the rangefinder will tell you if it hits that mark. This can be really helpful for game management situations and a minimum rack size. You can measure height as well, a critical element for bear hunters. |

Nikon‘s PROSTAFF 5 Laser Rangefinder 6×21 is the next generation tool built for precision, speed, and consistency out to 600 yards. Its .1 yard display makes the PROSTAFF 5 stand out; its unique switchable display option allows you to select the display mode that contrasts best against your subject and background. If you have to range through grass, you can adjust to compensate for the interference. The aggressive prostaff5[1]styling and palm-sized sensory ergonomics hint at the performance that lies within your hand. The 6x multi-coated optical system boasts a huge ocular lens, long eye relief and optimized viewfinder display to provide the wide field of view needed for immediate subject acquisition and maximum ranging speed.


Bushnell teams up with Team Primos for The Truth, an all-new rangefinder that’s small and super easy to operate. It’s 4x Bow Mode shows true horizontal distance from 7–199 yards while the ARC feature compensates for distance from straight up to straight down. It’s rainproof, ranges out to 850 yards, and is ergonomically designed not to slip from your hand.