Hunting a ranch-style Cape buffalo is much like outsmarting a mature whitetail … except the buff can kill you.

After two years of trying, I’ve learned that a ranch-style Cape buffalo hunt is like outwitting the smartest whitetail buck you’ve ever seen. The animals spend most of their day bedded in thick bush and they don’t have a rut like a whitetail deer. Their senses are keen with excellent hearing, sight, and smell. What’s more, living among other plains, game animals complicates the matter.  If you hunt them near food or water, you will also have to avoid detection by dozens of other creatures that will panic and stampede at the slightest whiff of human scent.

The Mission Sub 1 delivered 114 foot-pounds of kinetic energy and launched enough power to send an arrow completely through the 1600-pound animal at 38 yards. After the shot, I pick up the trail in this YouTube video.