Deer season is open in South Carolina and just around the corner in the rest of the country. If you haven’t figured where you’ll be hunting on opening day, get serious about picking several spots. Since wind direction is critical in stand hunting, you’ll want locations that can be productive with differing wind directions. Michael Waddell is one of the best known names in deer hunting; here, he lays out his plan for early-season success.

Ohio Deer 2010 118

With the month of June now in the memory books, and July well underway, opening day is fast approaching! In a couple of months it will be time to trade in your Bermuda shorts for some Realtree Camo, and throw in your golf gloves for your Hoyt. By now, many of us have already begun preparing for the upcoming deer hunting season. The month of July is an excellent time the get the batteries back in Bushnell trail cameras, and to bust out the Big & J to begin taking your inventory of deer on your property. This will start your hit-list, but also marks the beginning of honing your early season deer tactics.

Although the month of July is an excellent time to begin ramping up your trail camera surveys, and continuing to supplement your deer with minerals it is also an excellent time to begin knocking out the deer stand relocations, and most importantly, begin preparation of your ground blind locations. Although the conditions may be hot and humid, working to prepare your ground blind sites during the summer months will give you a definite advantage when the deer hunting begins. This article will discuss a couple of reasons why this summer is an excellent time to prepare your ground blind locations, and will also give you a few tips on how best to set your ground blinds in conjunction with early season deer tactics… [continued]

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