A steady rest, like the Swagger Bipod, is critical to accuracy.  No matter how close a game animal may be, you are likely to miss without a rest.  This is no knock on your shooting skill, yet you may be out of breath, be under great stress (due to giant antlers), or have to shoot at an awkward angle.  if you’ve watched African hunting shows, you will consistently see hunters using “sticks,” a primitive tripod literally made from sticks, that create a cradled rest for the rifle.

Long Range is Essential  

The Swagger Bipod eliminates the need to hold the firearm, keeping both hands free to call or use binoculars.

Long range shooters must use a rest of some sort and this predator video dramatizes how versatile and flexible the Swagger Bipod can be.  Whether you are hunting deer, elk, bear, coyotes, or other game animals, the critters will not cooperate and hold that broadside shot for more than a second or two.  Furthermore, they will probably move and as you set up for that perfect shot- change course, stop behind brush, or some other dodge that causes you to readjust your rifle.

Quick Reaction Time 

As you will see in this video, the Swagger Bipod allows you to move with the animal and the instant it stops, you can fire.  Jim Schell is a veteran Wyoming outfitter and takes a dozen or more hunter for mule deer each year.  His area is very mountainous and long range shooting is the norm.  “I only recommend bipods if you practice with them a lot,” he says.  “Inevitably, they have to be adjusted to shoot and that takes time and movement.”

Swagger bipods eliminate these two problems.  As you will see demonstrated in this video, they can be locked in the “solid mode” with the push of a button like traditional bipods.  More importantly, the resting legs flex and that makes a tremendous difference.  You’ll quickly see how versatile these new sticks become and how you’ll be a better shot, long or short range.  http://shootwithconfidencetv.com/