The cost of beef is skyrocketing. Reports of bacteria-laden cuts of meat are popping up across the country. More and more consumers are demanding organic foods, including free-range, grass-fed beef. With that in mind, Outdoor Life posits that it’s time to seriously consider venison as a viable alternative to the old standby, beef. With that in mind, the two meats face off in a test of taste, economics, nutrition, and food safety.


With the latest (and strongest) trend in dining being all about eating organically and locally, there should be no meat trendier than deer right now. Not to mention that the whitetail deer population, approximately 15 million in the U.S., has never been larger than it is today.

As hunters, we like to brag about the qualities of wild venison: “Most people can’t even tell the difference between a beef steak and a venison steak;” “It’s way healthier than beef is;” “I haven’t bought beef from a grocery store in years;” and on we go.

Read on to learn the results of Outdoor Life‘s side-by-side comparison.

Photos: Outdoor Life