Although millions of hunters carry firearms into the woods, the greatest danger to sportsmen isn’t from an accidental shooting.  Falling from a tree stand is a leading cause of injury and death.  In fact, I’ll bet you know several people who have been injured or worse from a treestand fall.  Thankfully, initiatives by tree stand manufacturers assures that every stand sold in America comes with a safety harness, yet that doesn’t totally solve the problem.

Do It Yourself Life-line

Most hunters have a do-it-yourself spirit which makes this Facebook post informative, life saving, and easy to do.  As you will see, if you fall from the tree and your harness catches you, then what?  You could hang there like ripe fruit until someone comes looking for you.  Every hunter should take maximum safety precautions when hunting for their sake and those at home who love them.  Check this out:

Every deer hunter needs to see this!

Posted by National Deer Alliance on Tuesday, August 15, 2017