For The Hunting Page, this post is trifle off message, yet many of our hard-working fans are busy at work and depend on shipping companies to play Santa while they are at work.  Let’s call this “Hunting Scrooge,”  “How to Trap a Thief,” or whatever you choose to label total low-lifes that steal holiday presents from homes and businesses.

Safe but Be Careful

This post is funny (and fulfilling) to watch, yet think very carefully about doing this at your place.  Robbers, thieves, and rapists have rights under America’s screwed-up justice system and if you harm someone on your property, you will be sued and possibly prosecuted.

Personally, i give a 6-Star salute to this fellow for having the guts to tackle criminals head on, just know that vigilante justice can come back to bite you.  Check it out:

Man rigs fake packages with blank shotgun shells to deter thieves

WATCH: A man Washington has found a way to deter PACKAGE PIRATES..and it seems to be working.

Posted by WRAL TV on Friday, December 15, 2017