A coyote kill with a bow and arrow is a huge trophy and a giant benefit to the local deer herd. Coyotes continue to spread into virtually every nook & cranny of the nation and you can bet there’s one cruising not far from your deer area. Coyotes are such elusive and crafty hunters that seeing one is a compliment to your stand as they have keen eyes that will easily detect movement in a tree stand and even more incredible sense of smell. When one appears, you can be assured that your wind direction is correct and that you haven’t contaminated the area with human scent.

Take the Shot

If you see a coyote, use the same targeting system you would for deer. Since most bows with large broadheads will penetrate well, shoot for the shoulder or just behind it as you would on a buck. Coyotes seem to be in perpetual motion and you may have to stop the critter with a sound, but do so only with your crossbow off safety or your bow drawn. Predator callers often make an audible kissing sound that stimulates a mouse or squirrel. The standard “baaa” of a buck may spook the varmint so be sure to be ready.

Prepare in Advance

If you have seen or heard coyotes near your stand, become proactive. Purchase a mouse “squeaker” or a mouth dying rabbit caller. The mouse call can be used to lure predators out to 75 yards and is so subtle that it’s unlikely to spook a deer or cause squirrels to sound their alarm barks. Mouth callers are easy to use and can be timed at the end of a hunt if your worry about scaring deer. Also, the newer and smaller electronic game calls will fit in your pack or pocket and have a wide varieties of calling options. Although you are a deer or turkey hunter, it’s never been easier to become a predator caller as well. Watch as this archer nails two coyotes with a single arrow: http://www.outdoorhub.com/news/2017/02/13/video-remarkable-double-kill-shot-2-coyotes-one-arrow/