You’ve seen video and still images of whitetail bucks with locked antlers, often a situation that ends badly for one or both bucks. ¬†This rescue is slightly different as two red stags become tangled in a wire fence. ¬†Probably, the stags were on opposite sides of the wire, began fighting, and became hopelessly snared.

Lots of Danger

These two men deserve a conservation award of courage for their bravery. ¬†When deer and elk fight, they attempt to puncture the lungs of an opponent with the sharp tines on their antlers. ¬†Additionally, bucks fight with their hooves when their antlers are in velvet and one kick can cause a concussion or knock out a person’s teeth. ¬†Plus, there’s the danger of the barbed wire. ¬†Should one of these men become tangled there would be no way of stopping or reversing the power of these panicked animals.

Proper Surgery

These two men are to be further complemented for the skill of their efforts.  Had they cut the lead wire, the two deer would have crashed away with no way to catch or manage them.  Additionally, releasing one or both with the wire wrapped around their necks would have been lethal.  These guys have courage.  Watch this Facebook post and thrill to the rescue.