It sounds ironic, but the future of hunting depends on those who have not yet hunted.  As experienced outdoor folk, we must introduce the next generation of hunters to the kind of heritage and conservation principles that we embrace.  As the internet seems to gobble up a youngster’s time, you and I need to double down on the task of introducing new people to the outdoors and the excitement and fulfillment it provides, entice them to “catch the fever.”

Sponsors Step Up with Prizes

Team a Swagger Bi-Pod with a Savage Model 110 Long Range rifle and you have one super whitetail combination.

As motivation to recruit a new hunter and submit a picture or video, four sponsors have donated products to make this contest extra special. Prizes include a Savage Model 110 Accufit Rifle, Swagger Hunter Bipod, ALPS OurdoorZ Covert X Backpack, and 3 boxes of Hornady Precision Hunter Ammo.

I’m about ten-times the age of some youngsters who have entered, but I can attest to the quality of these products. I hunted during an Arctic clipper in South Dakota last year and used them all to take a great buck. My Savage Model 110, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor with Hornady Precision Hunter Ammo, took down a 3.5-year whitetail with a single shot. The Swagger Hunter Bipod added extra stability, and I easily stored all my gear in the ALPS pack, despite the near-zero weather.

We need your vote, so please go to where you will see all of the entries.

Technical Gear Not Required

I own some very expensive Nikon cameras, but mostly use my Samsung S9 for video and still shots. Don’t be intimidated to think that you need more than a cellphone to take good pictures and video. As you look over the field of entries, look for what you like best.  Remember the theme is “Catch the Fever” and you are looking for the photo or video that best communicates the excitement of the hunt.

Here’s an example of the kind of excitement you will find as a teenage girl hunts mule deer in the Great Plains.

#CatchTheFever with Shayna!

Expanding this tradition is our duty and honor. Take someone out hunting so they can #catchthefever #savagearms #hornady #swaggerbipods #ALPSOutdoorZ

Posted by Hunting on Saturday, November 10, 2018