For some, hunting with a rifle is something they do opening weekend: shoot a deer and they’re done. For others, it’s hard telling where it might take them.  Mule deer in western Nebraska, whitetail deer in the Midwest, or elk in Colorado each pose their own special set of challenges.

In all the hunts I have had with a rifle, I just used what I had or I held the gun for a client crossing a fence. I never once grabbed the gun and thought, “this is light.”

When I first received the Weatherby Backcountry, I opened the box and all of the memories of heavy rifles that haunted me disappeared. This was probably the lightest rifle I had ever felt. The carbon fiber stock is a huge component that contributes to the reduction of weight. The overall design of the gun is a perfect blend of art and real-world functionality.

There is a number of amazing features built into this rifle that make it a pleasure to shoot.

1. Carbon Fiber Stock

The AG Composites’ special manufacturing process allows the stock to hold its stiffness while still remaining incredibly lightweight. Because of the carbon fiber design, no matter the temperature, your rifle stock will never feel cold in the hand.

2. TriggerTech Field Trigger

The TriggerTech field trigger provides a true zero creep break and is very short over travel. The biggest thing for me is that you can adjust the trigger pull from 2.5 pounds to 5 pounds without having to take the trigger apart.

3. 54-Degree Bolt

The Weatherby Mark-V Backcountry features an industry-leading 54-degree bolt lift. This really helps in scope clearance and follow-up shots in the field.

4. 3DHEX Recoil Pad

Not only does the sweet-shooting 6.5 creedmore offer little recoil, but it is also almost completely diminished with the 3DHEX patent-pending high-strength, energy-dispersing lattice structure. I noticed it when I first shot the rifle. There is literally no muzzle lift.

I feel that all of these features, not to mention the SUM-MOA guarantee and the Accubrake ST muzzle break, make this rifle a must-have for the hunter wanting extreme performance on a lightweight platform.

The Weatherby Backcountry is available in a number of calibers from .240 Wby, to 6.5 creedmoor, to 7mm Wby. Mag. The caliber that I love for just about any game is the 6.5 creedmoor. It is the perfect blend of flat shooting round with enough knockdown power for most big game.

Go online to and learn more, or feel this lightweight rifle at a dealer near you.