Hearing protection can be a Catch 22.  Sound insulated muffs can reduce the decibel level of sharp sounds like gunfire and loud engine noises, yet in the same function make range commands and personal conversation difficult to hear.  Fortunately, Walkers Game Ear has the solution with their new Razor Slim Electronic Muff.  The muff both reduce dangerously loud sharp sounds (like gunfire) by 23db, yet allows you to hear human conversation from range officials, co-workers, or hunting partners.  This surely is the best of both worlds and the new Razor Slim Electronic Muffs are packed with features:

  • Two high-gain multi-directional microphones for sound amplification which allows you to better hear conversations that are whispered or behind you.  Duck and goose blinds will never be the same once you use these great muffs, especially if a shooting-mate brings a short-barrel turkey gun to the blind.  Additionally, you will increase your ability to hear sound sources like elk bugles, turkey gobbles, or sticks cracking.  When Mr. Big steps out, you’ll know its approaching and have your hearing protected from the sharp report of the shot.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of these directional microphones are full dynamic range HD speakers that give true-to-life sound.  You will not only hear amplified sound, but sounds of great clarity.
  • Each muff has independent volume control.  If you’ve ever had your hearing checked, you know that most people have different hearing abilities in each ear.  Like focusing the lenses of a binocular, once you have each optic clearly dialed in, paring the two works best.
  • Down time at the range and during hunting travel can be enhanced by plugging your favorite MP3 player into the headphones.  Smartphone work also, so that you can listen to music, the latest weather forecast, or talk with friends and family.
  • The slim design of the muffs is ergonomically important to shooters.  Bulky muffs often interfere with the comb of the stock and can force a person to use an uncomfortable form or (shutter) remove the muff, never a good idea.  The Razor’s slim design keeps your protection out of the way for natural, instinctive shooting.
  • Even with all of these features, the Razor is powered by two AAA batteries that are easily accessed through an external battery door.  The unit actually come with batteries so that you are ready to go right out of the box.
  • Finally, these muffs are comfortable and so versatile that you can use them anywhere. Flying on an airline?  You can plug your Razor into their entertainment system and listen to music, movies, or sports.  Additionally, you can hear as much conversation from neighbors as you like.  You can mow the lawn, run a chainsaw, or practice at the range without damaging your hearing, yet still be able to converse with others.  It’s the best of both worlds.  www.walkersgameear.com