We all love deer hunting, but rarely analyse why we hunt or compare ourselves to other hunters who may be in the field for very different reasons.  This creative post from the Realtree website is much like that infamous picture of “the final day of deer camp” in which a dozen hunters are shown in a wide variety of comical situations.  In one glance, you can identify a host of your friends who take widely different approaches to deer hunting.  What kind of deer hunter are you?

Horn Hunters

“You can’t eat the horns,” is a saying my uncle frequently used.  He had little concern about antler size and was delighted to take any deer that was legal.  Doe hunting was very limited during his time so most harvested deer were bucks.

Antler size predominates the interest of some hunters and they discuss deer in inches as a number one priority.  For the person who is delighted with a basket-rack 8-point, this focus may seem extreme, yet the probaboility of taking a buck that will score in the P&Y or B&C record book has much to do with where a person hunts and the dedication they are willing to commit.

Social Media

For the first 20 years of my outdoor writing career I carried a backpack with two full-size Nikon cameras and often additional lenses.  My friends often thought this was weird on local hunts until they bagged a great animal and wanted a picture.  About 10 years ago, a friend killed a great whitetail buck and I hiked back to the truck to get my cameras.  Upon my return, it seemed half the country had already seen and commented on the big buck.  That was my social media awakening and today, I’ve learned that the newest cameras take such great pictures and video that a full-size SLR isn’t necessary.

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