You can’t judge a book by its cover… but you can judge it based on its authors. The new book Whitetails: From Ground to Gun comes from Craig and Neil Dougherty, pioneers in many of the Quality Deer Management Techniques we take for granted today. If they’re not authorities on the subject matter, we don’t know who is.

Craig Dougherty purchased an abandoned farm on a New York mountaintop and converted a “spike haven” into prime habitat for trophy bucks. His son Neil was so enamored by the wildlife transformation he ditched his senior year in college to spend time on the farm, a life-altering event that launched a career in deer habitat improvement. Here’s a quick overview.

Craig & Neal Dougherty 014Neil and Craig Dougherty’s new book promises to revolutionize deer hunting. Brian Murphy, one of the leading whitetail authorities in the nation and CEO of QDMA, is calling this book “a monumental leap into a new era of whitetail knowledge.” He referred to the book as “the next frontier in the QDM movement.”

Whitetails: From Ground to Gun picks up where the Dougherty’s first book, Grow ‘Em Right, left off. It’s one thing to create a great property with big bucks (Grow ‘Em Right); it is still another to be able to hunt and kill them. Whitetails-GtoG-1[1]Ground to Gun shows how. According to Murphy (Ground to Gun) “provides detailed insight into what makes a great hunting property and how to consistently harvest mature bucks “(it)… a clear roadmap for QDM success”.

To learn more about the Doughertys’ books and videos, visit NorthCountry Whitetails.

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