On this Playbook episode, we are going to go over some trail camera tips that make you achieve the best pictures or videos possible in the field.

One of the simplest tips to start with is to be sure to face most of your trail cameras north if possible. This will eliminate false triggers by shadows and sunlight, as well as eliminate washed out or blurry images of Bucks.

Using high-quality batteries in your cameras will keep your cameras functioning properly and reduce the risk of batteries exploding in your camera; the $6 you save on a pack of batteries could destroy your $500 camera. The same goes for SD cards: don’t go cheap because otherwise, you might see a bunch of empty files.

When possible, try and use a screw-in trail camera mount, which eliminates camera location from deer as deer can spot that 6-inch-wide strap pretty darn easy.

Another great tip: When setting up your camera on a food plot or agriculture field, be sure to turn the sensitivity and picture frequency up, so you will be able to catch more activity in the distance of the field. You can readjust camera placement once you see how deer are using the area.

Using a wireless cell trail camera like the Fusion or Fusion X from stealth cam is a game changer when it comes to intrusion and receiving real time information as to what and when the deer are moving.