Hunting Apps engage most of the digital outdoor world we live in. These task-specific applications can be added almost unlimitedly and with little cost to the consumer, all while being stored and carried neatly on our smartphones. Each app accomplishes something different and is eaisly stored on that device. There are ones for email, others for productivity and even more for entertainment. Up until recently, however, there were few hunting apps that actually helped you hunt smarter and have a whitetail playbook in your pocket with HuntStand. Hunting apps vary from basic to advanced to Pro. Overall, most apps for deer hunting provide hunters with basic information such as property outlines, weather and some variation of the best days to be in the whitetail woods.

Hunting, dare we say it, is changing. Maybe the better term is evolving.


Advanced versions of most deer hunting apps include all of the basics but with more advanced location and mapping technologies that allow hunters to mark and save locations, map entrance and exits to stand sights and outline food plot locations and how the wind moves across these locations.The HuntStand app can also provide landowner parcel information, categorize GPS points and measure distance from properties and outline the approximate acres a food plot may be, all within your phone. Additionally, these advanced features have areas where you can add notes for later reference and identify camera locations and stand sites. Even the best hunting apps, however, lack the ability to easily capture hunter data and provide automated analysis to predict the best hunting days unlike HuntStand does.

How Deer Hunting Apps Make You a Better Hunter

Any hunting app can be considered to acomplish a  number of things including a hunt predictor app or a hunting GPS app. Basically, they all provide you the information in one place to help plan and manage your hunts. Today, hunting is traditionally considered luck with some art and a little science. With the HuntStand app however,  we are shifting the luck and art to more science when it comes to being a successful hunter and putting all these puzzle pieces together so they are eay to translate and digest.

The science is improving to the point where you can start to increase your chances of seeing deer by knowing from the app when to go deer hunting, also with a integrated Whitetail Rut Map. This allows you to strategically plan days in the woods to maximize your chances on seeing deer with the little time you have available to hunt. The hunting notes aspect the HuntStand App is the new way hunters will record and reference hunting days,harvests and history. These notes are critical to review before each season to recall what worked and what did not. With this information, you can better prepare for a new deer season,new food plot or a new piece of hunting property. Without your notes, you will be left making the same mistakes and taking the wrong days off again this coming Fall.

                         Hunt Stand Features

HuntStand Pro Whitetail is powerful,useful and simple. The App is avaliable for both android and iPhone.


  • Nationwide property bounddries
  • Monthly Satellite Imagery
Keeping track of specific bucks and encounters has never been easier!
  • Whitetail Rut Map                                                           
  • Real 3D Hunt Area Maps
  • Trail Camera Management
  • Offline Mapping
  • Nationwide Public Hunting Maps
  • Whitetail Activity Forcast
  • Crop History
  • Whitetail Habitat Map
  • Stand sites

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