Founded by a Bowhunting father who was tired of watching his children routinely break their bow accessories, Spot-Hogg Archery Products is a veteran company rich in knowledge. Spot-Hogg Archery often appeals most to those who take great pride in their archery equipment and who demand finely tuned precision products. According to the owner: “We want all of our products to be original and have unique and purposeful features. So far our philosophy has worked very well, and we are looking forward to what lies ahead.”

 Fast Eddie XL

Combining quiet and easy to use adjustable yardage dial with new Multi-Ring Technology(MRT) and a Double Pin housing and pointer, the Spot Hogg® Fast Eddie Double Pin MRT Bow Sight gives bowhunters quick and silent versatility. Designed for hardcore bowhunters, The Fast Eddie XL MRT bow sight is the latest addition to the Hogg Mobb series by Spot-Hogg Archery Products. Based on the widely popular Fast Eddie, the Fast Eddie XL features a 6-inch inch dovetail bar and bow mount. Special attention was given to the bar design to maximize strength and balance and minimize forward weight. The Fast Eddie XL is simple to remove and reinstall while still maintaining perfect sight marks, making it great for the backcountry bowhunter or bottomland whitetail hunter. Whether you are heading to the woods or hitting the 3-D tournament trail, the Fast Eddie XL will exceed your expectations.

  • New and improved yardage dial with better grip and more relief from the sight tape and pointer
  • Double pointer for double pin configuration
  • Pointer for single and multi-pin configurations
  • Micro-adjustable second and third axis
  • Coarse horizontal and vertical adjustments
  • Toolless adjustments
  • Silent, quick-release lock for yardage knob
  • HRD technology, no bushings, no slop, and no buzz
  • Solid 6061 aluminum construction
If you set your adjustable pin to 20 yards, your second pin will automatically be set at 35.

You can purchase Spot-Hogg sights equipped with MRT sight combined with the fiber optic wrapping around the sight ring in order to capture light, which really helps keep the pins illuminated in low light conditions or ground-blind hunting. You can also install Spot-Hoggs sight light that will illuminate the pins in complete darkness. The complete lineup of Spot-Hogg sights is a home run for all bowhunters. If anything does happen to this sight, Spot-Hogg will fix it and ship it back to you at no charge, with a lifetime warranty. The quality and performance of these sights along with Spot-Hogg’s excellent reputation and customer service are the reasons why the inovative company gets a 9.5 out of a 10-star rating.

  • Made in the USA
  • Excellent build
  • Excellent adjustment mechanisms
  • Some of the highest quality pins on the market
  • When wrapped, the illumination of the pins is excellent.
  • Excellent company to do business with
  • Excellent phone support and online manuals/help
  • Lifetime warranty

The Keeton Release

There are so many options available today, so finding the right release aid that provides consistency, reliability, functionality, and adjustability is hard to come by. The unique and versatile design of the Keeton release seamlessly blends two styles of releases into one complete release. The Keeton is a wrist-strap release style, T-handle style, or back-tension release all in one. The first of its kind, the Keeton is a single release that requires no adjustment for the anchor, impact point or any change of shooting technique. The T-handle can engage or swing out of the way, whatever your preference as a shooter. When the release length is adjusted properly, the archer can distribute the weight evenly between the grip, wrist, arm, and shoulder. At full draw, the grip pivots, quickly aligning the finger perfectly with the trigger. Decreased fatigue and better stability provide better accuracy and more enjoyable shooting.

Spot-Hogg offers an array of archery products, with an emphasis on archery sights and components. The Oregon-based company makes a series of single- and fixed-pin sights for bowhunters and competition archers alike. Spot-Hogg also makes high quality releases, arrow rests, and broadhead sharpeners that are all top-notch archery products. To check out he full lineup head to

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