The Archery Trade Association show just concluded in Indianapolis and this year’s event introduced a host of new products.  Some cost under $20 while others nearly $1000.  As you might expect, technology and innovation were key and the folks at did a great job of addressing multiple opinions on products.

Traditional vs. Futuristic

ATA showcased the latest hunting clothes such as DSG for women.

“Traditional” archery fans aren’t often impressed with ATA innovations as their name implies.  The followers of Fred Bear and Howard Hill enjoy using the most basic equipment and want nothing to do with lasers or electronics.  Contemporary archers, with vertical and horizontal bows look for innovation to give them an edge and they had plenty to get excited about.  For example, one range finding device casts a laser beam on an object and provides an instant range reading.  I used the device to range in an exit sign in the ATA hall and it instantly read “35 yards.”  No doubt this is amazing technology, yet do I want to cast a laser beam on a deer to know how far away it stands?”  Likewise, literature about the new Ravin crossbows speaks to shooting at 200 yards, WAY beyond any ethical distance.  As you review these 10 products think of their ability to make your hunting and shooting more effective as well as the ethic involved in hunting.

10 Buzzworthy Products

Check out these 10 products and look for more to come in future posts:

The 2018 ATA show is in the books, and it was honestly one of the best shows in recent years when it comes to items and gear that created lots of buzz in the hunting and bowhunting community. From tools that will make life as a bowhunter better to gear that raised a lot of eyebrows and skepticism, this year’s show delivered in a big way. Here’s a look at the 10 Most Buzzworthy Products

10 Most Buzzworthy Products of ATA 2018