A lot about deer hunting has been lost through all the advancements avaible to deer hunters.  Some hunters even wonder how deer could be killed any other way.  Are today’s hunters missing the skills needed to be better hunters?

Field & Stream  has put together 25 old-school skills today’s hunters should master.  How many can you do?

We are better deer hunters than ever before. In our February cover story, “Deer Crazy,” Bill Heavey wrote that “Today’s whitetail nut knows how to pinpoint a core area, unravel a rub line, make a mock scrape, set up a decoy, rattle a buck close, age the animal on the hoof, and score him within 10 inches.” All true, but does anyone know how to estimate yardage anymore? How about age a track, walk over brittle leaves without spooking deer, or slip up on a bedded buck? With our modern reliance on rangefinders, trail cameras, food plots, treestands, and the like, are we losing our old-school skills?