Ultra-High-Tech Gear: Tom Brady, Under Armour, and L-AV8

Outdoor clothing and performance gear is reaching a new level of benefit for athletes, hunters, hikers, and the general public. Ultra-high-tech clothing can not only keep you warm and dry, but have therapeutic benefits never before produced by fabrics. Under Armour has just introduced TB 12 as part of a line of “athlete recovery sleepwear” named after Tom Brady, perhaps the best quarterback to ever play football. Brady at age 40 is still at the top of his game and counts on therapeutic rest to help his body recover from the stress and strain of a demanding sport.
Far Infrared Radiation (FIR)
Under Armour Infrared brands are well known for warmth and I’m a personal fan of the product line. I’ve tested UA’s gear extensively and use it frequently in cold weather, but FIR technology goes beyond insulating properties. Currently UA markets products designed to promote sleep and recovery as part of their “Science of Sleepwear” offering, yet you can bet that additional products with additional benefits are on the horizon.
Far infrared radiation (FIR) permeates certain fabrics manufactured from fibers impregnated with ceramic nanoparticles in products such as yarns, fabrics, knee bandage braces, socks, gloves, and other athletic gear. In a study conducted by Fatima Vatansever and Michael R Hamblin, belts treated with FIR led to weight reduction in women and the reduction of menstrual pain. Additionally, “FIR… is considered a promising treatment modality for certain medical conditions. Fibers impregnated with FIR emitting ceramic nanoparticles and woven into fabrics are being used as garments and wraps to generate FIR radiation, and attain health benefits from its effects.”
This is highly technical science and a Google search of UA TB12 will immerse you in this ground-breaking research. It’s not as much fun as watching the Big Bang Theory, but you’ll begin to feel like Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Pnuma and L-AV8

Scott Schultz (l) and Dr. Taylor are the driving force behind the new L-AV8 gear.

Pnuma was introduced as a brand in 2016 and is embraced by many as a product line and camouflage pattern. Pnuma gear is engineered like no other with multiple zippered, strategic pockets, ventilation systems, and insulating features. I wore the Waypoint jacket and Insulator mid layer during a South Dakota blizzard and felt warm. Pants have removable knee pads that are ideal for spot & stalk and spring turkey hunting.

Teaming with Dr. “Kit” Taylor
In 2009, Dr. Stephan “Kit” Taylor discovered a patent pending beneficial energy frequency and its proprietary infusion process. He created Wearable Organic Technology Energy with Polyester, Hemp, Bamboo, Cotton, Plastic, Silk and Water. This innovative Energy Infusion for next generation “Smart Products” delivers users greater flexibility, increased strength, and faster recovery time. Pnuma, under the leadership of President Scott Schultz has embraced this technology and now offers the Pnuma Rogue line with this infused technology, called L-AV8.
The patent-pending technology held by KitCore Labs for L-AV8™ IE possesses the ability to capture the proper electromagnetic pulse and infuse it into clothing and materials. This therapeutic energy enhancement will last the lifetime of your product and cannot be washed out of the garment/product. More information about this technology and studies can be found at kitcorelabs.com.
Benefits of L-AV8

Pnuma gear has been proven effective.

L-AV8 IE Technology unlocks 8 core benefits – Increased Strength, Improved Hydration, Better Sleep, Greater Flexibility, Reduced Surface Inflammation, More Energy, Faster Recovery, and Increased Endurance. This technology allows extraordinary performance from gear by means of an electromagnetic infusion.

L-AV8 IE Technology is scientifically designed to increase stamina and blood flow. Materials are transformed at a molecular level to smooth out their naturally jagged wavelengths, a process that creates the ideal shape to attract and hold more electrons – which stimulates the body and mind. This patent-pending process heightens the brain-to-body connection, stimulating the body’s ability to achieve an elevated lifestyle for individuals seeking to improve their overall sense of well-being. For maximum effectiveness, items should be worn as often as possible to see and continue seeing their positive results. L-AV8 IE is a therapeutic energy enhancement that will last the lifetime of the garment. Individual results may vary based on the chemical makeup of each person.

What Lies Ahead
Clearly performance gear is about to take a quantum leap in its ability to support and enhance human activity. UA TB12 is available at https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/tb12. Rogue Base layers infused with L-AV8 can be purchased on-line at  http://l-av8.com/pnuma/