Camping isn’t digital- Thankfully!  What better way to deal with the everyday stress of modern living,  ruled by gizmos and gadgets,  and escape to the outdoors where nocturnal illumination comes from the heavens, campfires, and lanterns?

For most Americans, March is a bit early for a camping trip since children are still in school and weather can be unpredictable including spring storms that may contain tornadoes.  If you are an alpine camper, many of your favorite trails and campsites may be snow covered and inaccessible.

Prepare for the Season

Two hikers walking alongside the Glacier du Tour on the first day of the Chamonix to Zermatt Glacier Haute Route

The will to prepare to succeed is more important than the will to succeed is one of my favorite expressions and especially for camping.  I’m the perfect example in a negative way as I introduced my wife to camping by heading to an unknown campground with a tent I’d not erected, arriving in the dark during a rainstorm.  Decades later, we can joke about the adventure, yet a little preparation would have avoided the drama of the moment.

Begin Out Back

A back yard or even a deck is the best test-track for tents and other new gear, but take it seriously.  An experienced camper once advised me to “pack for a backyard camping trip, lock the house, and lose the keys.”  That may be a bit extreme, yet the statement reinforces the  importance of knowing that camping gear and supplies meet your needs.

Car Camping

Kristi Bray, author of the following post has written extensively about car camping which is a great starting point for newcomers and those with small children or pets that are new to the process.  A trip to Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon is terrific fun, but so are weekend adventures by car to a local park or camping site.  Getting into nature is the bottom line and the more way to enjoy it the better.  You’ll find this post by Kristi Bray comprehensive and informative:

For many of us, sunny spring days remind us that it’s time to start planning our summer camping trips. We picture s’mores around the campfire and drifting off to sleep reading a favorite novel. Then, briefly our minds wander into dreaded territory – the camping equipment. Where is the camp stove? Did I actually jam my sleeping bag into its stuff sack and leave it all winter? (You did.)

Spring is the perfect time to test and prepare your equipment for those upcoming weekend adventures. Use these tips to get you out of the house and in to the great outdoors, when the time comes. Get ready, prep, go!