Aguila ammunition has been in business more than 50 years and is a leading supplier of rimfire ammunition around the world.  Even better, they package their rounds in economical bulk packs at a time when a single .22 round can be difficult to find.  Aguila is expanding their ammunition offerings throughout the USA, so look for the brand in a sporting goods store near you.

Unique Offerings

Aguila subsonic rounds are perfect for low-noise shooting.

Aguila rimfire makes the same kinds of .22 ammo that your grandfather grew up on, but also innovative rounds such as sub-sonic loads that make very little noise.  Some loads do not contain powder and use the propellent in the primer to launch the bullet.  This type of ammunition is ideal for practicing in your basement, shooting in your backyard without annoying the neighbors, and eliminating backyard pests.

Quality Control

Many outdoor product failures and shortcomings occur in China where the sheer distance

All components of Aguila ammunition are made i North America

between the USA and Chinese plant production results in miscommunication and production irregularities.  Aguila makes all of their components, in-house, in North America including bullets, primers, and propellants.   Don’t let the low price fool you.  You will get quality performance from a wide variety of ammunition.  Brad Fenson highlights the benefits of Aguila in this brief YouTube video: