It won’t be long until the first young coyotes appear from their dens and their parents teach them to kill.  This is a particularly gruesome time of year for young mammals since few of them stand a chance against a pack of prowling predators.  On the positive side, a young coyote will be more active and may wander into open fields and areas where it is more visible.  That was the case in this YouTube video from a hunter using the new Swagger Bipod on his rifle.

Watch and Set Up

Normally, coyote gear must be camouflaged to the max, yet you’ll see how successful a hunter can be by using an electronic caller, predator rifle, and a solid rest like the Swagger.  The hunter set up as he would for a turkey hunt, placed the caller well in front of him and began cranking out dying rabbit cries.  Even after the first and second dogs fall, he uses the ‘puppy in distress” call and makes it a hat trick.

Ease of Movement

In summer months when vegetation is high, spotting an approaching coyote can be difficult.   You want to see them as far away as possible and then make last minute adjustments in your aiming.  That’s the beauty of the Swagger Bipod.  It easily adjusts to a height that allows shooting over brush and last minute changes in aiming are made easily with very little movement.

Watch and see how exciting this can be: