Gun cases are a necessary evil. We need their durable nature to protect firearms in transport. Unfortunately, hard cases are often bulky, inflexible, and otherwise a pain to use. Enter Air Armor, a concept that uses air to cushion rifles, pistols, and other gear like the softness of a cloud.

Air Armor cases are durable and cushion with air.

After ordering an Air Armor case, I was surprised that it arrived in such a small box. “How can I possible put a rifle in space that small, I wondered?” Unpacking the products created a dramatic presentation as the small sleeping-bag-size case unrolled into a full-size case.
The Long Gun Case (LGC) holds multiple firearms up to 52 inches in overall length and weighs only eight pounds. When deflated, it will roll up into a small, 18-inch x 9-inch diameter roll. Made to carry a variety of firearms, The LGC can easily hold two long rifles with optics. There’s a pistol pouch sewn in, so you can place a combination of a shotgun, a carbine with optics and a handgun inside for easy

The interior of the case has multiple attachment systems to keep items in place.

transportation to three-gun shoots.

Storage and Security
The Air Armor case is designed for firearms, yet I could envision storing a host of other gear from bows, to crossbows, to tennis rackets. The interior of the case is compartmentalized with built in sleeves for rifle, shotgun barrels, and other slender objects. These containing compartments are backed up with multiple Velcro straps that adapt to various shapes that hold objects solidly in place.
Instead of protective foam as with other gun cases, Air Armor relies on air to protect guns and other precious objects form the bumps and bruises of travel. You can blow up the case like an air mattress or use the hand-held pump to inflate it. Cases come with multiple means of inflation including a standard athletic ball needle like those used for basketballs or volleyballs. If you are in a hurry, you can also use a standard bicycle pump or stop by a local gas station and use their tire pump.

Life Saving Feature

In an emergency, the buoyancy of the Long Gun Case can be lifesaving.

Surprisingly, I found nothing in the company’s literature about an important life-saving feature of Air Armor cases. If you’ve ever hunted in Canada, Alaska, or anywhere by boat, you know how difficult traveling with firearms can be. Many times, bulky gun cases are left on the dock or back in camp, exposing your firearms to water damage, even when in soft cases.
Also, accidents can happen. Should you get tossed from your boat by a rogue wave or by striking a partially submerged object, you can find yourself in a life-threatening situation.
I wanted to see how buoyant the Air Armor LGC was and prevailed upon a couple of young folks basking by a nearby pool. If a hunter was thrown from a boat, would the case support his weight in the water? Secondly, would the case float well enough to provide enough flotation until rescued?
I’m guessing that Air Armor feared legal action in today’s crazy world. I’m not saying or

The Long Gun Case carries like a backpack.

suggesting that the LGC can be used as a Certified Flotation Device, however, the case has a waterproof zipper and it uses air for protection, which also makes it float.
As you can see, the case had enough buoyancy to support two adults and easily kept two adults above water by holding on. I should add that I didn’t inflate the long gun case like a beach ball but provided just enough air to provide support. Also, the case sat in my basement for three weeks before the test and lost no air, as best I could tell.

Scope Protection Too
The Long Gun Case protects rifles and scopes, yet if you are mostly concerned about

TV hunter Jim Shockey is a big fan of the Air Armor Tech scope protector.

keeping your scope on zero, check out the Air Armor Tech inflatable scope cover. It’s compact enough to fit in most backpacks or under your arm. Once in the field you can inflate it and know that your scope won’t get bumped off zero.
Also, it makes great travel insurance where you may not need the full protection of the long gun case. The scope cover locks on with two sturdy snaps that are easy-on and easy-off.
If you live or work in the tactical world, you will recognize how well built and rugged Air Armor products are constructed. They contain many of the features tactical and law enforcement folks demand on packs and other support gear. For more information about Air Armor products, click