When you get invited to head to south Florida and hunt wild hogs and axis deer you had better not pass it up.  Especially when the opportunity to hunt is at the Razzor Ranch near Arcadia, FL about an hour north of Ft. Myers.  After all, the Razzor Ranch is the only place I know of where Monsters do exist.

Arriving at the lodge we got our gear stowed away in the newly remolded cabins and had a quick safety meeting with out guide, Bill.  Feeling excited to get our hunt started, we quickly got our bows sighted in and made it to our stands.

The mosquitos could have carried a grown man away, but luckily, we had our Thermacells and the mosquitos were not an issue.  Our elevated blinds were spacious enough that it fit three of us comfortably as we waited for a shooter hog.  Over the course of the next couple hours several hogs made there way in but we decided to hold off on one of the monsters that was roaming around.

The hunt ended without any hogs hitting the ground, but it was a success in its own way.  We were able to enjoy nature, see wildlife and enjoy time with family and friends.  The only reason we didn’t kill a hog is because we chose not to pull the trigger.

The next morning my wife and I went our separate directions, and my good friends John Brassch and Justin Howard went their own way.  Headed to our stand, Bill stopped us short and made a comment that there was a giant hog in the field and if we were able to get close enough for my wife to get a shot that we had better take it.  It was one of those monster hogs that exist on the ranch.

Closing the gap to about 200-yards, my wife Lotte shouldered her .308 and waited for the boar to give her a broadside shot.  Seconds passed and the hog finally turned broadside and a shot broke the silence.  Dried mud shook loose from the hog as the bullet made contact.  As the hog raced away, we knew it was going to be a short recovery.

Look closely and you will see the dried mud fly off the hog where the bullet made impact.

Unfortunately, as most hogs do in south Florida when shot, this hog ran straight into the thickest palmetto grove he could find.  On the blood trail, Bill was on his hands and knees following along. Within seconds the silence was broken again when Bill found the massive creature.  We knew she had shot a big hog but what we found surpassed any expectations that we had.

Our guide Bill did what it took to retrieve Lotte’s monster hog.

There was no way that the 3 of us was going to be able to move that hog to open ground so we returned to the lodge for some cool air and waited for our buddies to show up to help with the dragging.

Taking turns pulling the beast, we finally had him out in the open where we could appreciate his true size.  The hog weighed in at just over 300-pounds and had tusks measuring 5-inches in length.  Monsters do indeed exist at the Razzor Ranch but there is one less thanks to my wife.  Over the course of the next two days we managed to kill 3 more hogs including my daughters first kill ever, a couple cull axis deer that provides some of the best tasting venison you have ever had and Justin managed to arrow an awesome Barbados ram.

I hear hunters say all the time that they would not eat a big, old wild boar.  Let me tell you a little secret.  I debone the meat from the big hogs using my Case fillet knife and take it to my local meat processor.  Out of this one giant hog my wife killed we are getting 25 pounds of pork burgers, 25 pounds of beer brats and 25 pounds of nacho supreme brats.  When you sink your teeth into one of these tasty sandwiches you wouldn’t know it came from a giant hog that everybody says tastes awful.  So, go ahead and shoot one of these monsters and do what I do if you are skeptical about eating it.

Speaking of eating, you will eat at the Razzor Ranch.  When you wake up in the morning for your hunt, donuts will be waiting for you at the main lodge.   After a morning of hunting a full breakfast will be ready about 10 o’clock.  This usually consisted of eggs, sausage, pancakes, bacon, biscuits and gravy and so on.  At about 2 o’clock a light lunch will be ready to get you through the evening hunt until you get in for dinner.  After arriving back at the lodge, you can expect to eat like kings as they do not hold back on the food.  Oh, don’t forget the desserts.  You never had a meal without a fresh pie, cookies and other delightful treats being pulled from the oven.

To experience a thrilling hunt just like my wife did, contact Larry at the Razzor Ranch.  He can be reached at 239-850-3063, and more information can be found on his web page, www.razzorranch.com.