The state of Alabama has filed suit against Buckmasters. That is not something you read very often.

Outdoor Life has the full story.

The State of Alabama has filed suit against Buckmasters for deceptive business practices involving the sale of memberships.
If you’ve ever received a membership to Buckmasters and wondered where exactly it came from, it would seem you’re not alone.

The State of Alabama last month filed a 10-count lawsuit against Buckmasters, LTD., B M Management, Inc., and the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation, claiming the businesses violated the state’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Filed on May 26, the suit is the result of an investigation by the state’s Attorney General that began in 2015.
Outdoor Life confirmed filing of the suit with the Bullock County clerk’s office in Alabama. We also confirmed that Buckmasters has agreed to a settlement, the details of which were not immediately available.
The suit alleges that Buckmasters and its various business units signed consumers up for memberships without their (consent?) and then proceeded to engage in illegal collection efforts when those consumers refused to pay for a service they had not requested.
Formed in 1986 by Jackie Bushman, Buckmasters is essentially an online hunting club. Due-paying members receive a Buckmasters publication in addition to various promotional items and discounts from sponsors. The cost of a 2-year membership, as listed on, is $53.95, while a 5-year membership runs $136.90. According to the court filing, Buckmasters employed approximately 70 telemarketers at its office in Montgomery, Ala., and those telemarketers were making more than one million sales calls a year. [Continued]

SOURCEOutdoor Life
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