If you are a deer or turkey hunter, you’ve probably used a Will Primos product on one that he inspired.  “The Can,” for example is one of the easiest deer calls to use and one of the most versatile.  Countless bucks, including some monsters, have fallen for those soft estrous bleats from the Primos Product.

Hall of Fame

Primos wanted his videos to be authentic and adopted the “Truth” title.

You have to love a state that has an “Outdoor Hall of Fame” and three legends of the outdoor industry were recently inducted- Toxy Haas and Ronnie Strickland of Mossy Oak Camouflage and Will Primos.  I had the good fortune to begin my writing careers with these young men in the late 1980’s.  Back then, video tape was just becoming popular as a hunting format, and Primos was among the first teams of hunters to embrace it with their popular “Truth” series.  Will wanted his videos to show hunting in a realistic fashion and they are still very popular.

Impossible Gobbler

One spring in the late 1980’s I was invited to hunt with Primos at his camp along the Mississippi River.  Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland was also in camp and my first morning was greeted with booming rounds of thunder and indecision about hunting.  Personally, I like hunting spring turkeys in the rain and urged the group to stay the course.

Primos, Strickland and I headed out, walked an old logging road into a patch of timber and set up as the rain drops fell.  I watched a small clearing as my friends called from behind me.  Suddenly, a gobbler crossed a steam and stepped into the open 25 yards in front of me.  Hoping my muzzleloading shotgun would fire, I aimed, and squeezed the trigger, sending a fiery stream of lead toward the bird.  Neither caller had seen the bird and the BOOM from the muzzleloader caught them TOTALLY by surprise.

Here’s a quick synopsis from the Outdoor Wire:

The Can, Hoochie Mama elk caller and Trigger Sticks are just a few Primos innovations.

Primos Hunting Founder Will Primos was among six outdoor leaders inducted into the Mississippi Outdoor Hall of Fame at a celebration inaugurating the Mississippi Outdoor Hall of Fame exhibit at the Mississippi Wildlife Heritage Museum, which opened June 2 in Leland.

Mossy Oak’s Toxey Haas and Ronnie ‘Cuz’ Strickland, game manager Ronnie Foy, fishing guide John Harrison, and conservation officer and guide Wayne Self were also inducted.

Primos, from Madison, was recognized for his help in shaping the outdoor industry and his dedication to education, especially teaching young and beginning hunters.